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"Discovery" business trip

Land & Sea

You hesitate between a sea or mountain destination for your event? Corsica has the singularity of offering both, offering your guests the surprise of breathtaking landscapes.
Due to this diversity of proximity, a multitude of nautical and outdoor activities are possible: a sea excursion, a discovery in a 4×4, a hike or snowshoeing, diving, canyoning, … are all possibilities which will leave an indelible mark on the minds of your collaborators and / or guests.
It’s up to you to choose the atmosphere of your incentive trip or seminar in Corsica.

"Wonder" business trip

Hôtel des pêcheurs

Imposing itself as a land of contrasts, Corsica is full of exceptional, unmissable or secret places. Rich in in-depth knowledge of the field, Corsica Exclusive is constantly working to find and offer new places, off the beaten track to make your event an extraordinary experience.

Top-of-the-range bivouacs, atypical hotels, Genoese towers, lighthouses or bubbles suspended in the trees are all unexpected options for your accommodation, which will undoubtedly leave lasting memories for the participants.

Exceptional places


"Originality" trip

Unusual Corsica

corse activités

From survival training to “Koh Lanta” challenges to a treasure hunt across the island, Corsica Exclusive offers many unusual activities to punctuate your professional stay in Corsica. No doubt your teams will remember for a long time this original team building in Corsica!

corse activités
corse activités

"Unexpected" business trip

corse activités
corse activités

Via Ferrata, canyoning, mountain trekking, climbing or paragliding : Corsica offers a multitude of opportunities for thrilling activities to push the limits of your teams. Depending on your experience and the technical level of the participants, Corsica Exclusive will propose the most suitable activity.

Extreme sports & adventure

corse activités

"Traditions" business trip


theme evenement peche

Corsica, its charcuterie, its cheeses, its honeys and other seasonal specialties seduce each year the most demanding palates. For your business trip in Corsica, Corsica Exclusive offers various activities around gastronomy: blind tasting, cooking classes, visiting producers and many others.

corse activités
corse activités
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