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Incentive trips to Corsica

Create a dream for your team and reward everyone’s involvement.

You have created a link between your clients and employees which goes beyond a single professional relationship. You know this is one of the secrets which ensures the achievement of your company. Everyone’s involvement is precious and you wish to emphasize it, reward it, and preserve these good work ethics by maintaining a healthy rivalry among your teams.

We have the solutions. We suggest incentive trips combining top-quality insular facilities and an unexpected choice of unique experiences. Our staff helps you to imagine every moment of this regenerative and motivating break to ensure that all participants remember this trip and the spirit of competition for a long time.

Corsica Exclusive Expertise

A tailor-made incentive

You wish to treat your partners to a break in their fast-paced business life offering them a dream-like retreat, where they can enjoy the pleasure of discovery, utmost serenity or, to suit every taste, excitement of sport activities ? You wish to maintain your company’s spirit and strengthen your privileged relationship with your employees ? Corsica Exclusive makes your wishes come true by creating tailor-made stays that perfectly reward everyone’s involvement in your company’s success.

Our concept

Make a unique incentive in Corsica

Corsica Exclusive


More than 65+ events achieved each year.

Corsica Exclusive


Your event is unique. As well as your contact Corsica Exclusive.

Corsica Exclusive


Corporate or leisure groups from 10 to more than 500 persons.

Corsica Exclusive


We are a source of proposals and create for you the unexpected.

Corsica Exclusive


A network of partners for unequalled resources in Corsica.

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All security measures are assured.

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