Cruise business in Corsica

Corsica Exclusive, 20117 ECCICA SUARELLA
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Specialized since long time in the cruise business, Corsica Exclusive has significant experience in the field.

Throughout the year, we welcome in the stopovers of the companies who have chosen to make their Business trip aboard a luxury cruise ship.

With care and professionalism, we organize the stopovers in Corsica, in the ports of Calvi, Bonifacio, Ajaccio, Ile Rousse, Bastia, Saint-Florent and Propriano (other destinations are possible upon request and depending on access).

Customized programs

Our programs are made-to-measure for our customers, we tailor each proposal to your company.

Several formats are possible since we are able to offer a wide range of activities "à la carte" or organize activities that are unique, common to the whole group.
The format "the card" allows participants to choose between sports or cultural studied specially for the group (quad, aquatic hiking, discover the reserve of Scandola by boat, horseback riding, city tour, vineyard tour, 4x4, diving, etc....)

The entries are a few weeks in advance. Has the arrival of the vessel, each activity group is supported by guides and professional instructors, who accompany them on the day. A lunch may be provided depending on the time of call and the chosen activity.

Customized programs

A single activity may also be offered to your company and adapted to the goals that you want to develop within your teams.

We design and conceptualize team-building in Corsica on a large scale (from 10 to 600 persons) and offer a variety of activities that we are studying so that they are accessible to large groups.

Corsica, a playground rich for a cruise deal

We also offer "combined" which allows your clients to do two activities in one.

The group is divided by two. The first group begins with a " sea "(boat, kayak, snorkeling, etc.), while the second part of the group begins with an activity "earth" (4x4, hiking, treasure hunting, orienteering, etc.).

After that the two groups are found in and around a lunch or something sweet, the two groups reversed activities.
For cruises, we also offer gala evenings, refined and/or unusual in places of exception.

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