Exceptional Incentive in Corsica


40 Pers.

Luxury incentive corsica

Corsica Exclusive advantage

Top-of-the-range service and services thanks to an address book listing the most beautiful Corsican tables, exceptional hotels and activities that can be privatized.

Exclusives services

The demand

40 participants for an incentive of 3 days / 2 nights in May 2018.

The service

Stay in the extreme south of Corsica with accommodation in 5-star hotel and group activities in exceptional places; including the island of Cavallo, in the heart of the protected nature reserve of the mouths of Bonifacio.

Among these activities:

  • Promenade at sea and idleness of Bonifacio in Cavallo
  • Short hike on the island
  • Lunch in high-end hut feet in the water
  • Festive evening
Corsica Exclusive

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